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SAMD Ziggy Stardust
a.k.a. "Ziggy"
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Gray/Brown Spotted Jack
DOB 4/17/2023 @ 11:20 pm.

Current Height: 27 1/8"

Birth Height: 20.5"

Birth Weight: 22.4Ibs
MDR # 73282       ACOSA# pending
Microchip ID# pending

Sire: HHAA Shamy
Grand Sire: Donkette Korral Kryptonite, 30 5/8" Black/White Spotted

       Grand Dam:  Engman's Half Ass Acres Shimmy, 28 ¾" Gray

Dam:  HHAA Dream of Genie, 31" Dark Brown Wooly
      Grand Sire:  HHAA Black n' Blue, 32 1/4" Black w/Cross
       Grand Dam:  Li'l Angels Hello Dolly, 32 1/2" Dark Brown w/Faint Star


A Bit About Ziggy!

UPDATE!! Ziggy just attended his first show, at the SC State Fair Mule & Donkey Show, 3 days after turning 6 months old. There were no pre-green classes, so he was bumped up to the green classes... and he absolutely dominated! Ziggy received 1st out of 3 in Halter Foals, 2nd out of 7 in Showmanship Green, 2nd out of 4 in Lead Race Green, and 4th out of 15... yes !!4th!!, for In-Hand Trail Green! We all knew that he was special, the day that he was born, but he truly blew us away! He has a very bright future ahead of him.

All we can say is wow! A beautiful and very healthy boy was born at 11:20pm on 4/17/2024! He is full of life and personality. He has a zig zag on his side so we have decided to name him “SAMD Ziggy Stardust” with his barn name being Ziggy! Mom came up with the “Stardust” and apparently I am too young to know who he was lol! I have since been educated that it was about David Bowie. 


This boy has some AMAZING legs and an incredibly perfect bite! He also already has a mane that lays across his neck. We believe there is a big possibility that he has inherited the wooly gene.

On top of that, he is full of personality! He is quite the spunky boy and already melts in people's arms! He absolutely loves scratches, just like his mama, and has not shown any fear!

We are going to show him and watch how he matures. From the day he was born to now, we have believed that he is going to make an outstanding herd sire. We look forward to seeing how he grows. Then we will decide what direction he should go.

His pedigree includes Circle C Main Event, Circle C Little Motown, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon, Li'l Angels Indiana Jones, HHAA Black n' Blue (now residing in Australia), and more!

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