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SAMD Honky Donk Girl
a.k.a "Loretta"
Click HERE for ADR Registration
Bred to HHAA Little Much

You will see bumps on Loretta in several photos and videos. Right before taking photos and videos, she had an allergic reaction. Since Loretta is pregnant, we decided to go ahead and take them, before she becomes any bigger. After her foal arrives, we will once again update her pictures and videos.

35" Gray/Brown Jennet with Star
DOB 2011
ADR Reg.# E-18249

Microchip ID# on file

Loretta is the dam of the following foals:


1) SAMD Murphy's Triumphal Star, 4/2/23, gray w/ star jack; (Sire: SAMD Murphy)    RIP Triumph


A Bit About Loretta!

Loretta is our tallest Miniature Donkey, standing at 35 inches tall! She was a Maiden Jennet and was bred to SAMD Murphy. Loretta gave birth to Triumph on Palm Sunday, 2023. Saldy, we had to say goodbye to her special boy on April 4th, 2023. Take a look at "Triumph's Story" to learn about his amazing journey. 

Loretta is our only ADR Registered Jennet. This is because we do not know her pedigree. She was a huge exception, for our breeding, just because of how nice of a jennet she is. Recently, we spoke with her previous owner's daughter. She let us know that Loretta did in fact come from a registered breeder and that her Dam was shown and has show points. They purchased Loretta when she was a year old from a breeder in Northern Alabama. It was an older gentleman that they got her from. Sadly, due to the current situation, that was most of the information that we were able to gather. Several of us became investigators and really started piecing parts of the puzzle together. If we are correct, her owner (possibly the man's wife) passed away, when Loretta was a year old... and the herd was dispersed. With everything we have been able to find, the story completely lines up with what her previous owners have told us.

Since Loretta is first generation ADR, her foal may not be MDR Registered. However, according to the ADMS, her third generation of offspring (her great grandchildren) will be eligible for an upgrade to MDR, as long as her descendants are continued to be bred to MDR. We hope to one day see Loretta's lines return to the MDR Book.

Loretta was bred to our Micro Herd Sire, HHAA Little Much, for a May 2024 foal.

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