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Breathorn Diamonds & Mist
a.k.a Maybell
Click HERE for Full Pedigree

33½" Very Dark Brown Masked Spotted Jennet
DOB 5/15/14
MDR #71959
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Mini J's Diamond & Rust, Red & White Spot
Grand Sire:  MGF Jersey Prime, Black & White Spot
      Grand Dam:  Look at Me Libby, Red

Dam:  Braethorn Surprise Package, 33" Black
Grand Sire:  Parkside Ranch Special Delivery (Speedy), 30½"  True Black
      Grand Dam:  D&A She Paints the Daytime Black, 33" True Black

A Bit About Maybell!

Breathorn Diamonds & Mist was one of two for the first Jennets that we had purchased! Although she does not have the "spots" to prove it, she is actually one of our four Spotted Jennets! Maybell is a Masked Spotted, with a large blaze and a white belly! This means that she has the most minimum expression of the spotting pattern but will reproduce as any other spotted donkey. We love all of our Jennets and believe that they are all gorgeous, but Maybell is definitely a looker! Pictures don't do her justice! She is a little shy, otherwise she would probably be doing amazing in the Show Ring! 

We have been unable to keep Maybell in foal. We have decided that we are going to no longer continue trying to breed her. It was a very difficult decision to make but... we decided that, if a perfect situation found us, we would sell her. June, who bought our first foal Pryce, is the only person that Maybell has really gravitated towards. She really seeks attention from her. After purchasing Pryce, June presented herself with Maybell's "perfect situation."

Maybell will be Pryce's companion, until he is of breeding age, then she will be a companion to others in June's growing herd. We are so extremely thankful for June coming into our lives and for giving this beautiful girl her perfect home.

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