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HHAA Miss Gummi Bear
a.k.a "Gummi"
Click HERE for Full Pedigree

Future Brood Jennet

Micro Mini Dark Gray/Brown Jennet w/NLP (no light points)
DOB  2/14/22 @ 11:33am
Height @ 2 days of age: 19 ¼" ~ Birth Weight: 21.2 lbs.

Current height at 1 year: 25 ¼"
MDR #72222
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: HHAA Goosebumps, 32" Black & White Spotted
Grand Sire:  TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, 30 5/8" Black/White Spot
      Grand Dam:  H. R. Stella, 32 ¾" Black, NLP

Dam:  Engman's Half Ass Acres Shimmy, 28 ¾" Gray
  Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Achilles, 27 ½" Gray
      Grand Dam:  Engman's Toodles, 31" Gray


A Bit About Gummi!

We are so extremely excited to say that Miss Gummi Bear is one of our Future Brood Jennets. She is a Micro Mini, which means that she will stay under 30 inches tall. When she is fully mature, she will be our smallest Brood Jennet! Pryce, our first foal, surpassed Gummi's height... when he was only 4 months old! She is 7 months older than Pryce and we cannot believe how quickly he became taller than her! Gummi may be tiny, but she sure is mighty. She has the BIGGEST personality ever. 

Gummi is small but she is built like a brick house. Gummi is big boned with a wide chest and hips. On top of that, she has amazingly straight legs.  Although she does not have the lanky "show build," we just absolutely adore just how stocky she is.


She will be trained and taken on outings until we begin using her as a Brood Jennet.

Gummi's pedigree includes a Cobra line, Short Assets Cowboy, TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, HHAA Goosebumps, and more!

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