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HHAA Sweet Tooth
a.k.a "Pixie"
Click HERE for Full Pedigree
Future Brood Jennet

Frosty Brown/Roan Jennet
DOB 3/24/22 @ 12:52am
Birth Height: 21 ¾" ~ Birth Weight: 24.8 lbs.

Current Height @ 1 year: 27.5"

MDR #72226
Microchip ID#on file


Sire: HHAA Goosebumps, 32" Black & White Spotted
Grand Sire:  TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, 30 5/8" Black/White Spot
      Grand Dam:  H. R. Stella, 32¾" Black, NLP

Dam:  Carousel Garden's Sweet Sensation, 30¼" FFSW
(Fully Frosted Spotted White)
Grand Sire:  Kritter Korner's D. K. Casper, 31½" White *FSW
      Grand Dam:  Adele's Adorable Arabella, 32" Gray-Dun


A Bit About Pixie!

UPDATE!!! Pixie just recently competed in her second show (first NMDA). She placed 4/8 in Yearling Halter Jennets, 5/9 in Showmanship Pre-Green, 5/12 for In-Hand Trail Pre-Green, 3/9 for In-Hand Jumping Pre-Green, 4/9 for Scramble Pre-Green, and 4/8 for Lead Race Pre-Green! She was runner up for Reserve High Point Pre-Green. We also just showed Pixie, at the SC State Fair Mule & Donkey Show. She won 3rd out of 15 for In-Hand Trail Green! There were no pre-green classes, so she had to be bumped up to green. We are very proud of her and look forward to showing her more!


We are so happy that we were able to add Sweet Tooth as one of our Future Brood Jennets! She truly lives up to her name with just how sweet she is! Pixie is a Brown Roan and this color can be passed on to her Future Foals! Until she is old enough to breed, we will be training Pixie, taking her on outings, and will also see if she likes the Show Ring! Pixie has shocked us all, when it comes to trail obstacles. If we say "show them how it's done," she will do the obstacles at liberty. You can tell that she finds joy in impressing people and making them happy!


Pixie is currently 27.5" tall, at a year old, so we wonder if she will mature to be a micro. We are so excited that she is a part of Southern Asspitality and cannot wait for the future with her!

Pixie's pedigree includes a Cobra line, Short Assets Cowboy, TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, HHAA Goosebumps, and more!

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