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Southern Asspitality

Because Everyone Loves a Little Ass

What We Do

Our family is Breeding, Raising, Training, Showing, and Selling MDR Registered Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys that will provide you with as much Love and Happiness to your life as they do ours. Our donkeys are Socialized, are provided a base for Training, and given Positive Experiences during their beginning months so that our Customers can receive the best of what this amazing breed can offer. 


Who We Are

A mother and daughter team, we are both Realtors with Fridrich & Clark Realty, located in Nashville, TN. However, our love for animals is very strong. Throughout the years, Tim (Husband/Father) has continuously said, "no more animals," but he loves them just as much as we do. We currently have 20 of our own Donkeys... but we also have 4 Dogs, 4 Cats, 6 Horses, a Miniature Horse, and 3 Pygmy Goats. At some point in time, many of those pets (our non-donkeys) were "unwanted." So, with owning so many who came from "unwanted" situations, why are we breeding and not rescuing? We are breeding Registered Miniature Donkeys for great Personalities, amazing Conformation, and to overall Better the Breed. We are huge advocates for rescuing animals, but we also believe in finding ways to progress the breed. Meet our other animals HERE.

How We Became Apart of the Miniature Donkey World

For a while, our family came across a couple of different situations where we were wanting to rescue donkeys. However, because of the circumstances, we were unable to do so. During the process, we became friends with a Donkey Breeder. On April 27th, 2018, that was when we saw a newborn photo of our Miniature Jack, Mirror P Murphy (Murphy is pictured to the right). We absolutely fell in love with him, but Tim said that we would not be purchasing him. Throughout 6 months, we would get updates on Murphy. We just kept falling more and more in love with him. One of our horses ended up passing away and my dad said "we should get another horse." Instead, we brought our Murphy home. When we picked him up, Tim said "wow, he's so little. We should've gotten two of them." This is something we still laugh about to this day. Initially, we were going to geld him. Over time, we saw amazing qualities in him, which began our "mini" dream. Our search for Breeding Quality Jennets was very extensive, especially with our move to Tennessee being in the middle of it. After a few years of searching, we have an AMAZING herd of Jennets that we are extremely thankful for! Although we are newer to the Donkey Breeding Community, we have the guidance of an amazing Mentor, who is showing us the ropes in both Breeding and the Show Ring!

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