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Meet Our Jacks!

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SAMD Murphy
a.k.a. "Murphy"

32" Gray/Brown Jack

DOB: 4/27/18

MDR Registration #72451
Microchip ID#on file


Sire:  N&D's Lonestar Baron's Bravo, 28 1/2" Brown/Gray & White Spotted
  Grand Sire:  N&D's Lonestar Cowboy's Braron, 25 1/8" Brown/Gray & White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  N&D's Lonestar Faberge', 27 3/4" Brown/Gray & White Spotted

Dam:  KZ Prime First Impressions, 32" Dark Brown & White Spotted
Grand Sire:  Dewey Meadows EC Primo, 32" Dark Brown & White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  Allen Acre's Sweet Black Cherrie, 34
3/4" Black w/NLP


Farmstead's Cotton Top Mounts
a.k.a. "Cotton Top"

Dark Red (Mahogany colored) Jack
DOB: 11/23/21
Current Height:  27 3/4"
MDR #72136
Microchip ID#on file


Sire: Farmstead's Henry Knox, 31 1/2" Dark Red
Grand Sire:  WLDF Tin Roof Sunday, 32" Brown & White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  Country Music's Eli Barsi, 34 1/4" Dark Brown

Dam: Frontier Legend's Cinna, 31 1/2" Red
Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Rojo, 29 1/2" Red
      Grand Dam:  Frontier Legend's Ruby Stone, 31 1/2" Red


Very Dark Spotted Jack
DOB 1/26/22 @ @ 8:40am
Birth Height:  22½" ~ Birth Weight: 26.6 lbs
MDR #72221  ~ ACOSA #SA3251
Microchip ID#on file


Sire: HHAA Goosebumps, 32" Black & White Spotted
Grand Sire:  TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, 30 5/8" Black/White Spot
      Grand Dam:  H. R. Stella, 32¾" Black, NLP

Dam:  HHAA Smitten, 31¼" Very Dark Brown, NLP
Grand Sire:  Wit's End Badlands Marauder, 30½" Burgandy Black
      Grand Dam:  Big Woods Best Kept Secret, 32½" Dark Spotted


SAMD Ziggy Stardust

a.k.a. "Ziggy"


Gray/Brown Spotted Jack
DOB 4/17/2023 @
11:20 pm.

Birth Height: 20.5"

Birth Weight: 22.4Ibs
MDR # pending
Microchip ID# pending

Sire: HHAA Shamy
      Grand Sire: Donkette Korral Kryptonite, 30 5/8" Black/White Spotted

       Grand Dam:  Engman's Half Ass Acres Shimmy, 28 ¾" Gray

Dam:  HHAA Dream of Genie, 31" Dark Brown Wooly
      Grand Sire:  HHAA Black n' Blue, 32 1/4" Black w/Cross
    Grand Dam:  Li'l Angels Hello Dolly, 32 1/2" Dark Brown w/Faint Star


Reference Jacks

Our Donkey's Pedigree's include: My World Buster, Circle C Little Motown, Circle C Black Russian, Circle C Main Event, Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates, Cobra’s Red Man, Cobra’s Arthur, Cobra’s Chico, Cobra’s Geronimo, MGF Prime Time, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon, Pine Grove Farm’s Peppercorn Jack, Dewey Meadows Valentino and Dewey Meadows Primo, HHAA Black 'n' Blue, Arrow Creek Hudini, Li'l Angel's Indiana Jones, TTW Cowboy’s Kalamazoo, HHAA Goosebumps, LCR Valintino 50, MGF, S.S. Red Lightning, HHAA Shamy, and more! You will find information on some of these jacks below.

HHAA Little Much
a.k.a "Shorty"

Previously Co-Owned with Half Ass Acres

28 1/4" Very Dark Brown Jack

DOB: 7/15/14

MDR Registration #64915
Microchip ID#on file


Sire:  HHAA Jealous Much, 31" Dark Tyger Spotted w/NLP
  Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Napoleon, 31 1/2" Dark Tri-Colored Spot w/NLP
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Junebug, 32 1/2" Black NLP

Dam:  Heiken's Ark Ramona LB, 28 3/4" Very Dark Brown w/NLP
Grand Sire:  LUA Maxx's Little Buckaroo, 30 3/8" Black 
      Grand Dam:  Heiken's Ark Renee, 31 
3/4" Very Dark Brown w/NLP



Donkette Korral Kryptonite

30½" Black & White Spotted Jack w/NLP
DOB 5/25/12
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University
MDR #65258

Sire: Donkette Korral Bandit, 30¼" Black/White Spotted
Grand Sire:  Donkette Korral Sheloy's C. J., 29¾ Black
      Grand Dam:  Donkette Korral Velvetova, 32½" White

Dam:  Lazy H Donkette Korral Cocoa, 30¾" Black
Grand Sire:   Noah's Jacob, 28¾" Gray
      Grand Dam:  Kritter Korner's Klassy Lassy, 30½" Gray

Donkette Korral Kryptonite.jpg

HHAA Black 'n' Blue
Champion & Champion Producer

30½" Black w/Cross Jack w/Grey Eyes
DOB 8/09/08
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University
Birth Height:  20¾" ~ Birth Weight: 25½ lbs.
MDR #54503

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Front and Center, 31" Black w/Star                   Grand Sire:  Circle C Main Event, 32 ½" Black
      Grand Dam:  Valiant Tequila, 33 5/8" Gray-Dun

Dam: Sunset Acres Junebug, 32 ½" Black, NLP
Grand Sire:   Circle C Little Motown, 35 1/8" Black
      Grand Dam:   Sunset Acres Zelda, 32" Black, NLP

HHAA Black 'n' Blue.jpg

30½" Black 
DOB 9/07/2000
MDR #29466

Sire: MGF Future Link, 32" Black w/Cross           

Dam: Soderglen's Queenie, 32" Black

Circle C Main Event
Multiple National Champion &
Best of Breed

Circle C Little Motown
Producer of Champions

35 5/8" Black w/Cross
DOB 1989
MDR #25941

Sire: Smith Herd Oats, Light Red          

Dam: Smith Herd Mandy, Brown

Circle C Little Motown.jpg

TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo
Now residing in Australia

30 5/8" Black/White Spot Jack (no cross)
DOB 5/03/08
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University
MDR #55374

Sire: Short ASSet's Cowboy, 31½" Dark Brown                   Grand Sire:  Windcrest Java, 31½" Dark Brown
      Grand Dam:   Cobra's LeAnn Rimes, 32" Gray-Dun

Dam: Arrow Creek Bunny 32½" MSF Gray
Grand Sire:   Arrow Creek Diaz, 30¾" Gray-Dun
      Grand Dam:   B. J. Pretty Girl, 33½"

TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo.jpg

Heiken's Ark Napoleon
Champion Producer

31½" Dark Brown/Black/White Spotted Jack w/NLP
DOB August 23, 2002

DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University
Negative EVA Test @ TVMDL (Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory)

Sire:  Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30¼" Dark Spotted
      Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Top Gun, 29" Dark Brown
      Grand Dam:  Rolling R Snow White, 30½" Fully                                         Frosted Spotted White

Dam:  LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP
      Grand Sire:  DDD John, 32.25 Dark Brown
      Grand Dam:  LN Niagara, 33½" Black/Brown

Heiken's Ark Napoleon.jpg

30½" Brown Gelding
DOB April 30, 1994
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University

Sire:  My World Buster, 30¼" Dark Red (Sorrel)
      Grand Sire:  My World Mork, 30½" Dark Gray w/NLP
      Grand Dam:  My World Mindy, 31" Dark Brown

Dam:  Pine Grove's Rhubarb, 31½" Gray-Dun
      Grand Sire:  Miniature Wendall, 30" Gray-Dun
      Grand Dam:  Miniature Tulip, 31" Gray-Dun

Pine Grove Farm's Peppercorn Jack

Pine Grove Farm's Peppercorn Jack.jpg

32" Blk/Brn & White Spot

Sire:  Dewey Meadows Valentino, 32¾" Dark Brown & White Spot

Dam:  Dewey Meadows Victoria, 33" Black/Brown

Dewey Meadows Primo


My World Buster

30 ¼" Dark Red (Sorrel)
DOB 1987


My World Buster.JPG

Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates
Producer of Champions

32½" True Black

DOB: 8/30/99

Sire:  Hartman Donkey's Trenton, 33½" Brown/White Spot

Dam: BJ Black Beauty, 33" Black w/Cross

Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates.jpg

HHAA Goosebumps

32" Black & White Spotted Jack
DOB 5/12/16
DNA Type on file @ Texas A&M University
MDR #67327

Sire: TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, 30 5/8" Black/White Spot
      Grand Sire:  Short ASSet's Cowboy, 31 ½" Dark                                 Brown
      Grand Dam:  Arrow Creek Bunny 32 ½" MSF Gray

Dam:  H. R. Stella, 32¾" Black, NLP
      Grand Sire:  Stoney Acres Salem, 33" Black, NLP
      Grand Dam:  H. R. Sabrina, 31" Dark Brown

HHAA Goosebumps.jpg

Li'l Angel's Indiana Jones
Producer of Halter Champions and Top Breeding Stock

30 3/4" Brown and White Spotted
DOB 1/09/08

MDR #52263

SIRE: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon – Dark Brown  30-1/2″

  • GRAND SIRE: Pope Farm Teaspoon – Dark Brown  33-1/2″

  • GRAND DAM: GP Lucy  – Gray Dun  30-1/4″


DAM: Parkside Toffee Chips  – Dark Brown & White Spotted  32″

  • GRAND SIRE: Cisco & Sons’ Little Tyke  – Dark Brown  30″

  • GRAND DAM: Windcrest Coolies N’ Cream  – Brown & White Spotted   33-3/4″

Lil' Angel's Indiana Jones.jpg

Cobra's Red Man

30 1/2" Dark Red

MDR #15105

Cobra's Red Man.jpg

DOB 1982
MDR #6118

LCR Valentino 50

LCR Valentino 50.jpg


29" Dark Gray & White Spotted Jack
DOB 5/01/18 @ 10:34am
Birth Height: 19½" ~ Birth Weight: 20.0 lbs.
MDR #69480
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Donkette Korral Kryptonite, 30 5/8" Black/White Spotted
      Grand Sire:  Donkette Korral Bandit, 30 ¼" Black/White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  Lazy H Donkette Korral Cocoa, 30 ¾" Black

Dam:  Engman's Half Ass Acres Shimmy, 28 ¾" Gray
      Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Achilles, 27 ½" Gray
      Grand Dam:  Engman's Toodles, 31" Gray

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