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Meet Our Jennets With Foals by Their Side!

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a.k.a "Milli"

Current Foal Sired by SAMD Murphy

31¼" Dark Brown Jennet
DOB 3/22/10
MDR #59685
Microchip ID#on file

Sire:  Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates, 32½" True Black
Grand Sire:  Hartman Donkey's Trenton, 33½" Brown/White Spot
      Grand Dam:  BJ Black Beauty, 33" Black w/Cross

Dam:  Windcrest Cinderbelle, 32" Dark Brown
Grand Sire:  PGF Peppercorn Jack, 30½" Brown
    Grand Dam:  R&D D&H Cinderella, 32½" Dk Brn/White Spot

Milli is the dam of the following foals:

1) Castlewoods Puttin' on the Ritz, 6/29/15, dark spotted jennet; (Sire: Krytonite)

2) HHAA Esther, 4/04/17, dark brown jennet. (Sire: Zoo)

3) HHAA Bugsy, 7/18/21, very dark brown jack w/nlp (Sire: Shamy).

4) SAMD The Pryce is Right, 9/24/22, very dark brown jack w/ light points (Sire: Murphy)

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