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SAMD Murphy
a.k.a "Murphy"

Herd Sire

31" Gray Jack

DOB: 4/27/18

MDR Registration #72451
Microchip ID#on file


Sire:  N&D's Lonestar Baron's Bravo, 28 1/2" Brown/Gray & White Spotted
  Grand Sire:  N&D's Lonestar Cowboy's Braron, 25 1/8" Brown/Gray & White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  N&D's Lonestar Faberge', 27 3/4" Brown/Gray & White Spotted

Dam:  KZ Prime First Impressions, 32" Dark Brown & White Spotted
Grand Sire:  Dewey Meadows EC Primo, 32" Dark Brown & White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  Allen Acre's Sweet Black Cherrie, 34
3/4" Black w/NLP

Murphy is the Sire of the following foals:

1) SAMD The Pryce is Right, 9/23/22, Very Dark Brown Jack. (Dam: Milli)

A Bit About Murphy!

SAMD Murphy is the reason why we began breeding Miniature Donkeys. When we brought Murphy home, we had no intentions of breeding. After a little time had gone by, our "mini" dream began. He truly is one of a kind. His demeanor is absolutely amazing, he has great straight legs, but his "puppy" like personality is what really stands out about this little man. Even if he is eating, he will make a point to come say hi to you. If you find yourself ever sitting near him, watch out! While trying to get some butt scratches, he is not afraid to sit in your lap! He loves little kids and just wants to be hugged all day long. We are so extremely lucky to have such a well minded jack. Murphy's first foal that he has sired, Pryce, has finally been born! Check out the Foals Page to check him out! We are so excited for the future with him!

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