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SAMD Optical Illusion

a.k.a. "Mirage"

Staying at Southern Asspitality

True Black w/NLP
DOB 9/21/2023 @ 2:08 pm.

Birth Height: 21 1/2"

Birth Weight: 25.2Ibs
MDR # pending
Microchip ID# pending

Sire: Sunset Acres Sir Prize, 32" Black w/Cross w/NLP     

      Grand Sire: Circle C Black Russian, 31" Black w/Cross

       Grand Dam:  Circle C Zelda, 32" Black w/Cross
Dam:  Legendary's Prima Donna, 31 1/4" Brown and White Spotted
      Grand Sire:  Li'l Angels Indiana Jones, 30 3/4" Brown and White Spotted
       Grand Dam:  M5 Kool Kue Baby, 32 1/2" Gray Dun/Brown


A Bit About Mirage

We are EXTREMELY excited about the arrival of our final foal of the season! A true black Jennet who looks like she will mature to be a NLP…. everyone meet SAMD Optical Illusion (a.k.a. Mirage).

We did not believe that Donna was in foal, up until she was past 6 months. We questioned if she really was pregnant and we were actually going to have her bred again. We constantly were asking each other “is she pregnant” and would go back and forth between yes and no. We thought “oh maybe it’s just a hay belly” and even our beloved vet (just from externally feeling) said that he thought she wasn’t pregnant… twice! Well, the week we were going to possibly breed her again… we saw this little one kicking! This guessing game, that played so much with our eyes, is what gave Mirage her name.

She is the daughter of Sunset Acres Sir Prize x Legendary’s Prima Donna… making her the own granddaughter of Circle C Black Russian, Circle C Zelda, Li'l Angels Indiana Jones, and M5 Kool Kue Baby (whose entire background is 100% Cobra).... also being related to Circle C Little Motown, S.S. Red Lightning, Circle C Ebony, and more!

We feel extremely lucky to have had a girl born out of Sir Prize… as there are no longer going to be many more foals by him!

Born at 2:08pm… Mirage is 25.2Ibs and 21.5”! She’s our tallest foal and second heaviest.

It is very difficult to get photos of her (professional photos coming soon), as she is quite spunky. But this girl has a nice bite, beautiful legs, and gorgeous color to top it off… along with an adorable head!

She is exactly what we’ve been dreaming and we are very excited to be keeping her here at Southern Asspitality! This girl has a bright future ahead of her!

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