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HHAA Smitten
a.k.a "Smitten"
Bred to Farmstead's Cotton Top Mounts
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31¼" Very Dark Brown Jennet w/NLP
DOB 4/06/10 @ 12:12am
Birth Height:  22" ~ Birth Weight: 27 lbs.
MDR Registration #59253
Microchip ID#on file


Sire:  Wit's End Badlands Marauder, 30½" Burgandy Black
  Grand Sire:  Sunset Acres Speedway Racer, 32" Very Dk Brn /NLP
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Meggie Mae, 32½" Black w/Cross

Dam:  Big Woods Best Kept Secret, 32½" Dark Spotted
Grand Sire:  Circle C Motown's Secret, 33" Black w/NLP
      Grand Dam:  Fisher's Justine, 32 ½" Gray & White Spotted

Smitten is the Dam of five foals:

1) HHAA Cahoots, 9/08/15, dark spotted jack (gelded), (Sire: Brick);

2) HHAA Shinola, 8/10/17, very dark brown/white spotted jennet, (Sire: Zoo);

3) HHAA Spotless, 10/27/19, very dark brown w/nlp jack (gelded), (Sire: Goosebumps);

4) HHAA Smitten's Tennessee Mojo, 1/26/22, dark spotted jack, (Sire: Goosebumps);

5) SAMD Gun's Up, 7/5/23, very dark w/nlp jack (gelded), (Sire: HHAA Shamy).

A Bit About Smitten!

When we first met Smitten, we absolutely fell in love with her. Her previous owners gave her the name "Smitten" because, when she was first born, they were "smitten with love for her." Smitten is our Future Breeding Jack, Mojo's, Dam. It is very clear that her adoring personality has been passed onto him. She carries herself beautifully, works her charm with everyone, and never fails to put a smile on our faces! 

Smitten has recently been bred to our junior herd sire, Farmstead's Cotton Top Mounts. It is too early to confirm via ultrasound... but she has not yet come back in heat. She will be carrying his first foal. Cotton Top is a gorgeous, Dark Red micro. He is as square as they can get. We are extremely excited to see what they produce.

Smitten's pedigree includes well known Circle C Little Motown, My World Buster, Circle C Black Russian, and more!

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