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HHAA Little Much
a.k.a "Shorty"

Co-Owned with Half Ass Acres
SOLD! Heading to South Carolina!

28 1/4" Very Dark Brown Jack

DOB: 7/15/14

MDR Registration #64915
Microchip ID#on file


Sire:  HHAA Jealous Much, 31" Dark Tyger Spotted w/NLP
      Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Napoleon, 31 1/2" Dark Tri-Colored Spot w/NLP
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Junebug, 32 1/2" Black NLP

Dam:  Heiken's Ark Ramona LB, 28 3/4" Very Dark Brown w/NLP
      Grand Sire:  LUA Maxx's Little Buckaroo, 30 3/8" Black 
      Grand Dam:  Heiken's Ark Renee, 31 3/4" Very Dark Brown w/NLP


A Bit About Shorty!

We are so extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to co-own Shorty. Shorty is originally a foal out of Half Ass Acres. He was sold to Dee Schroeder, who has now retired from breeding. Dayle and Joe, with Half Ass Acres, were given the option to purchase him back. After speaking with them, we decided to co-own Shorty.

We have a herd of jennets that are an average of 31" tall. However, we have a few that are on the smaller side and even micro. Ember, one of our mature jennets, is 30 1/4" tall. Pixie, our yearling future brood jennet, is currently 27 1/2" tall and there is a possibility that she will stay micro. Last is Gummi, another one of our yearling future brood jennets, who is only 25 1/4" tall. Although Gummi still has a few more years before she will be bred, she is the main reason why we could not pass on Shorty.

Shorty is, well, short lol! But Shorty is stocky, has very correct conformation, a small head, and a great personality to top it off. He has thrown amazing foals and we look forward to our future with him.

Thank you again, to Dayle & Joe of Half Ass Acres, for letting us co-own such a special jack.

UPDATE!! We are extremely grateful that we were given the opportunity to own Shorty. We paired him with KZ Bandit's Little Charmer, HHAA Alphabet Zoup, and SAMD Honky Donk Girl... for 2024 foals. Shorty throws absolutely phenomenal foals, and we are super excited to meet ours next year. With his great demeanor and his beautiful foals... this is why it was such a difficult decision to decide to sell Shorty. We pondered on this idea for quite a while. It was a very hard choice, but we are happy to know that he is going to be very well cared for! In the short time that we've owned him, we absolutely fell in love with this little man's HUGE personality! We sure will miss him!

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