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SAMD Gun's Up

a.k.a. "Spider"

Click HERE for Pedigree
Sold! Moving to Northern TN!

Very Dark Gelding w/NLP
DOB 7/5/2023 @ 1:50am.

Birth Height: 21 1/8"

Birth Weight: 26.1Ibs
MDR # pending
Microchip ID# pending

Sire: HHAA Shamy

      Grand Sire: Donkette Korral Kryptonite, 30 5/8" Black/White Spotted

       Grand Dam:  Engman's Half Ass Acres Shimmy, 28 ¾" Gray

 Dam:  HHAA Smitten, 31¼" Very Dark Brown, NLP
     Grand Sire:  Wit's End Badlands Marauder, 30½" Burgandy Black
      Grand Dam:  Big Woods Best Kept Secret, 32½" Dark Spotted


A Bit About Spider!

For those of you who love our Junior Herd Sire HHAA Smitten’s Tennessee Mojo, not only is this boy a half sibling to Ziggy and Mayzie by sharing the same Sire… but Spider and Mojo share the same Dam! 

I would have loved a “Freedom Baby,” but I called it, a few weeks ago, that he’d be born on the 5th! He is a copy/paste version of his sweet mama, Smitten. He is our biggest foal… at 21 1/8” tall and 26.1Ibs. He has a beautiful bite, amazing legs, and an extremely dark coat.

Spider is obviously not a common name for a donkey but, when he started standing, we all immediately started thinking he had some crazy long legs like a spider!

Since he was born so close to the 4th of July, we wanted a registered name that went along with America’s history. During the Vietnam War, there were the Black Widows, medical and signal detachments and maintenance detachment… but then there was the Gun platoon which was called “The Spiders.”

During the Vietnam War, upon the completion of a successful engagement, the “Spiders" would always sign off with ground forces with their motto “guns up.”

So in honor of The Spiders, everyone meet SAMD Guns Up (a.k.a. Spider)

Spider's pedigree includes well known Circle C Little Motown, My World Buster, Circle C Black Russian, Donkette Korral Kryptonite, and more!

Congratulations to Laura and Rob Darnell... but also to Spider! We are so excited that you will be his owners! He is going to be spoiled!

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