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Southern Asspitality's

Kiss Ass Events

Because everyone loves a little ass.


Do you have an upcoming event? One that you want to make a unique experience for all... that'll leave your guests with fun memories for years to come? Weddings, Celebrations, and more... our Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are happy to make any occasion a special one! 

Engaging with the crowd, participating in photos, "serving" beverages, etc.. we are happy to work with you and your requests!

A select group of our Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are excited to be a part of your special day.  Our donkeys are handled from the day they are born, walked in parades, are successful in the show ring, and more... preparing them to be "good citizens" at your events.

Choose one donkey to carry a pack saddle, with an arrangement of greenery and champagne/white florals. To match your party's colors, add a few of your own!

The more the merrier. We will only allow for one "saddle" donkey... however, you can select an additional mini to join the fun!

*Some donkey availability will fluctuate depending on foaling dates*

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