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Proud Members of The American Donkey Association


For those interested in purchasing from us, we welcome people to come and meet our donkeys! Check out our Contact/Visit page to get in touch!

Many have asked, "what can you do with a miniature donkey?" If you are interested in showing, donkeys can pull carts, be entered in jumping classes, and fun "speed events," along with halter, trail, showmanship classes, and more! But donkeys also make amazing pets. We call ours "big labradors" because of just how loving they are. 

Another bit of information is that donkeys are herd animals. They do best with at least being in a pair. 

*We also do not encourage the use of miniature donkeys as "guardians" for other livestock. Yes, donkeys are territorial and their bray is known to deter coyotes, but their size does not make it safe for them to be a livestock guardian.*

**Jacks are NOT Pets and they are NOT Companion animals. All Jack Foals will be Gelded, before going to Buyer's home, unless they are being sold to a reputable breeder or discussed into further detail. We will, under no circumstances, sell a Jack as a Pet or as a Companion.**

If you were curious about who influences our herd’s lines…. here are quite a few names that you will find!

My World Buster, Circle C Little Motown, Circle C Black Russian, Circle C Main Event, Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates, Cobra’s Red Man, Cobra’s Arthur, Cobra’s Chico, Cobra’s Geronimo, MGF Prime Time, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon, Pine Grove Farm’s Peppercorn Jack, Dewey Meadows Valentino and Dewey Meadows Primo, HHAA Black 'N' Blue, Arrow Creek Hudini, Li'l Angel's Indiana Jones, TTW Cowboy’s Kalamazoo, HHAA Goosebumps, LCR Valintino 50, MGF, S.S. Red Lightning, Donkette Korral Kryptonite, HHAA Shamy, and more!

Check out our Jennets and Jacks, and Our Gelding page to learn more about our personal donkeys! Pedigrees are on our Donkey's Pages!

Around the Farm

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