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SAMD Sirenize 
a.k.a "Siren"
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32 3/4" Red Gelding

DOB 2020

ADR Reg. # G-18145

Microchip ID#on file

A Bit About Siren!

UPDATE!!! Siren just showed in his first show ever! We only showed him in 3/4yo Halter Geldings and he placed first... and last lol! Since he was the only one in his class, he was up for Reserve/Grand Champion Gelding. There were 3 in his class and he did not receive either. However, the judge gave him many compliments and we could not be anymore proud of him! Next year, he will be going in the green performance classes!

SAMD Sirenize was purchased as Jack, with an unknown pedigree, so we decided to Geld him. But don't let that stop you from falling in love with him! This boy has the looks and is an absolute Sweetheart! He always just wants to be right in your pocket! Siren is a very fitting name for him; as he is the first one to yell "good morning" to you! As stated above, we are unsure of his pedigree, but he is ADR Registered. He is confirmed, by our Veterinarian and Equine Dentist, to be roughly 3.5 years old. He is currently being trained for Showing, in both Halter and Performance Classes, to see how he excels. He has been doing AMAZING and is becoming an ambassador for our donkeys!

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