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Legendary's Prima Donna
a.k.a "Donna"
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31 1/4" Brown Spotted Jennet
DOB 4/05/16
MDR #67316 ~ ACOSA #SA3000
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Lil' Angels Indiana Jones, 30 3/4" Brown/White Spotted
Grand Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon, 30 ½" Dark Brown
      Grand Dam:  Parkside To
ffee Chips, 32" Dark Brown/White Spotted

Dam:   M5 Kool Kue Baby, 31 ½" Gray Dun/Brown 
      Grand Sire:  Cobra's Geronimo, 30" Gray/White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  Cobra's Natalie Cole, 31
1/2" Dark Brown

A Bit About Donna!

We were recently given the opportunity, by Legendary Farms, to own Legendary's Prima Donna. We feel so honored and extremely lucky to have her a part of our herd and our family! Donna is a descendant of the Cobra line. The Cobra's were some of the cleanest Miniature Mediterranean Donkey lines that you could find. Over time, it was very hard to come by them. We are so excited to now be the owner of one! Donna is a small, beautifully built, and amazing tempered jennet. Not only is she gorgeous to look at but her mind is just as outstanding. We are so grateful that she is now here at Southern Asspitality Miniature Donkeys!

Donna's pedigree includes a multitude of Cobra's, which are very sought after... Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon, Li'l Angels Indiana Jones, and more!

We bought Donna bred but had come to the conclusion that she was not. After planning on taking Donna back to be bred again... we discovered that she had a small bag! All along we have believed that, if she were pregnant, she would not be due until September, 2023. Well... she was bred first in June, then again in September... because she went back into heat. This girl doesn't even appear to be pregnant but we have recently been feeling a baby kicking! Since she has a small bag, we believe that she did in fact take the first time and that the September heat was a false one. This girl is keeping us on our toes... only time will tell!

Donna was bred to Sunset Acres Sir Prize.... a beautiful, well built, solid black jack.

Thank you again, Katrina and Richard with Legendary Farms, for giving us the amazing opportunity to own Miss Donna! She will live many happy years with us!

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