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HHAA Dream of Genie
a.k.a "Edna"
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Bred to HHAA Shamy

31" Dark Brown Jennet
DOB 9/09/18 @ 6:42 am
Birth Height:  21¼" ~ Birth Weight: 18.8 lbs
Mature Height: 31"
MDR #69485
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: HHAA Black 'n' Blue (Bruise), 30½" Black w/Cross
Grand Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Front and Center, 31" Black w/Star
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Junebug, 32½" Black NLP

Dam:  Li'l Angels Hello Dolly, 32½" Lt Brown/White Spotted
Grand Sire: Li'l Angels Indiana Jones, 30¾" Brn/White Spot
     Grand Dam:  Li'l Angels Lacy Doll, 31½" Dk Brown, Faint Star

Edna is the dam of the following foals:

1) SAMD Ziggy Stardust, 4/17/23, gray/brown spotted jack; (Sire: HHAA Shamy)


Made by Half Ass Acres

A Bit About Edna!

Dream of Genie truly is a dream! She has a "wooly" coat, which makes for the cutest photos! She was body clipped, so her coat did not grow in as long as before, but she has a 6"long mane! Edna is an extremely well built jennet. She is stocky, has a beautiful head, and an amazing pedigree to back it! She is a sweet girl and her personality is truly the cherry on top. We are extremely lucky to have her a part of our herd.

Edna birthed her first foal, SAMD Ziggy Stardust, on April 17th, 2023. He is a showstopper! He has incredibly straight legs, a perfect bite, and due to his mane, chin, and whiskers... it appears that he carriers the wooly gene. We are extremely excited about this foal and are so proud of her. She has been an amazing first-time mom and we are thankful that her amazing conformation has also been passed down to her first foal.

After weaning Ziggy, we have rebred Edna to HHAA Shamy. We were so thrilled with this pairing that we decided to produce a full sibling to Ziggy. Edna is due in September of 2024. 

Edna's pedigree includes Circle C Main Event, Circle C Little Motown, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon, Li'l Angels Indiana Jones, HHAA Black n' Blue (now residing in Australia), and more!

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