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Alphabet Zoup
a.k.a "Ember

Bred to HHAA Shamy


30 1/4" Tyger Spotted Jennet
DOB 7/01/18 @ approx. 6:30 am
Birth Height:  21" ~ Birth Weight: 22.0 lbs
Height on 9/09/21: 30½"
MDR #69486 ~ ACOSA #SA3136
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo, 30 5/8" Blk/White Spotted
  Grand Sire:  Short ASSet's Cowboy, 31 ½" Dark Brown
      Grand Dam:  Arrow Creek Bunny 32 ½" MSF Gray

Dam:   The Elm's Black Beauty, 31 ½" True Black w/NLP
  Grand Sire:  PWF Geronimo, 31" Dark Brown/White Spotted
      Grand Dam:  PMF Litle Minarta, 32" Brown/Gray-Dun

A Bit About Ember!

Ember is one of our two Spotted Jennets and we are so happy to have her! She is also our smallest current Brood Jennet, standing at 301/2 inches tall! She is a Maiden Jennet, but has been bred to our friend's Jack, HHAA Shamy, so we are hoping to be meeting a foal from her early in April of 2023! Her Tyger Spot markings may be beautiful, but so is her amazing personality! We are grateful to have her a part of our herd!

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