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SAMD Do A Little Dance
a.k.a. "Giddy"
Staying at Southern Asspitality
More photos coming soon

Brown and White Spotted Jennet
DOB 3/30/2024 @ 1:51 pm.

Birth Height: 19 1/2"

Birth Weight: 21.3Ibs
MDR # pending
     ACOSA# pending
Microchip ID# pending

Sire:  SAMD Murphy, 31" Gray

      Grand Sire:  N&D's Lonestar Baron's Bravo, 28½" Brown/Gray & White Spot      Grand Dam:  KZ Prime First Impressions, 32" Dark Brown & White Spotted

Dam:  Short Asset's Party Doll, 32" Brown/White Spotted
      Grand Sire:  Short Asset's El Nino, 32" Gray/Roan
    Grand Dam:  Silver Eagle Lucky Irish, 32 1/2" Dark Brown *MSF

 Video coming soon

A Bit About Giddy!

After 403 days of Dolly being pregnant... we finally got to meet her SPECTACULAR foal! This baby is EXACTLY what we were hoping for! Meet SAMD Do A Little Dance... a.k.a. Giddy!


Giddy is a stunning brown and white spotted jennet. Her legs are straight and she has a great bite. She is both the first spot and first daughter that her sire has thrown.

Her sire is SAMD Murphy. He is known for his amazing temperament and “gelding” like personality. Murphy's pedigree includes Arrow Creek Hudini, Dewey Meadows Valentino, Dewey Meadows Primo, N&D’s Lonestar donkeys, Allen’s Acres donkeys, and more!

Giddy’s dam is Short Asset’s Party Doll… an own daughter of Short Asset’s El Nino. Her bloodlines are quite older, with her Dam being from 2001, Sire 1998, and Great Grand Dams and Sires being from 1991-1996. She is a jennet that everyone loves.

With Murphy and Dolly’s big boned bodies… we are extremely excited to see how this little girl matures. We are absolutely ecstatic about the outcome of this pairing.

Sometimes opportunities come that you just can't pass on. Since Dolly is getting older, we have decided that we will be holding onto Giddy. By the time that Dolly is retired, Giddy will be just about ready to continue her mother's bloodline. Even if she wasn't spotted, we would be keeping this girl. We are so grateful for Dolly giving us such a beautiful girl. She is also our first keeper foal out of Murphy.

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